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Yearning for Change & Scared of Risk: How will international education innovate?

A year ago, I wrote an article about Professional Culture Shock. After re-reading my article, I decided to write a reflection on this past year at Via TRM and the 2016 Forum on Education Abroad Conference in Atlanta. 

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Via TRM Insider: Past Issues


We've got a lot to say about technology in education and we pack it into a once-a-month newsletter called the Via TRM Insider. Here's an archive of past issues for your reading pleasure! 

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8 Things We Refuse to Do: Via TRM Manifesto

Our team is working to change the way international educators think about and use enrollment management software, and we understand the irony of sharing a list of things we refuse to do. Yet, we have some deal breakers that have not only shaped who we are as a company, they also drive us to build great software for our field. 

Listing what we WON'T do helped our team get clear on what we ARE committed to and which habits we are ready to leave in the past. Sharing this list with all of you will help you understand our approach. 

What do we refuse to do? Follow the conversation using #WeRefuse and keep reading.

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Culture Shock at work? From International Education to a Startup? You BET.

As the 2016 Forum on Education Abroad conference drew to a close, I was chatting with my colleague Michael Lucerto about our struggles moving from international education to a startup. I mentioned a blog post that I wrote last year around this time and realized it never made it onto our new  Via TRM Blog! 

I saw many sessions this year about the importance of reflection for STUDENTS as a rich avenue for learning. In the spirit of learning, here's my unedited perspective from one year ago as I flew to New Orleans for the Forum on Education Abroad conference in 2015.  



I am writing to you from 35,000ft as I travel from Colorado to the Forum on Education Abroad conference in New Orleans. I had a realization at the end of my work day yesterday that I want to share with you about culture shock in the workplace. 

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